• Who Are We?

    A global association dedicated to promoting debate across the world.

    AGD believes that interscholastic competitive debate is universally valuable because it promotes self-expression, cultural understanding, academic exchange, critical thinking, tolerance, and civic discourse. AGD is committed to connecting high school-level debate organizations across the world and to overcoming social, economic, and institutional barriers to debate competitions. AGD works to accomplish these goals by empowering local students to compete in debate, both by supporting existing debate competitions across the world and by organizing new debate tournaments in partnership with local community leaders.

  • 2017 NHSDLC National Championship&Novice Nationals Topic​

    "The United States Federal Government should implement a universal basic income."

  • Upcoming Tournaments

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    2017 AGD Shanghai Spring In​vitational

    The Association of Global Debate is pleased to announce the 2017 AGD Shanghai Spring Invitational Debate Tournament, taking place from the 13th-14th of May. The tournament is open to students from both international and local schools.


    Registration and more information can be found here.

    NHSDLC National Championship 2017

    International Division

    We are pleased to announce that for the first time our partner league the National High School Debate League of China is adding an international division to their National Championship. This tournament will take place from the 5th to 7th of August 2017 on the newly renovated campus of Beijing Kaiwen Academy.


    Registration and more information can be found here.

    NHSDLC Novice National Championship

    We are pleased to announce that for the first time our partner league the National High School Debate League of China is hoisting a Novice National Championship. This is open to all students in grades 9 and below, regardless of their language status.


    Registration and more information can be found here.

  • Results

    Spring 2017 Beijing Invitational

  • 2017 SUMMER Institute

    We have three programmes available this year. Each of which will give students the opportunity to have world class coaching and intensive debate training in the Public Forum style.

    US Institute

    July 1st - July 14th 2017

    Swarthmore College,Pennsylvania, USA.

    This programme will feature many of the most successful debaters and coaches from the United states in a coaching capacity, and with a 1:4 staff to student ratio students will get a chance to have in depth conversations with and feedback from these coaches.


    As well as practice debates students will benefit from: Lab sessions where they work with a coach in small groups; individual mentoring sessions with coaches and a selection of modules that cover a variety of different topics, both debate skills and background knowledge, which students can choose from.


    This year’s US institution is hosted at Swarthmore College Pennsylvania a highly selective liberal arts college in the United States, currently ranked #3 in the nation. Swarthmore’s beautiful campus is located in a very safe town, just 10 miles from Philadelphia and about two hours from New York and Washington D.C.

    China Institutes

    Shanghai Institute - Session 1

    July 15th - July 22nd, 2017 Shanghai

    Beijing institute

    July 28th - August 4th, 2017 Beijing
    Shanghai Institute - Session 2

    August 5th - August 11th, 2017

    In association with our partners the National High School Debate League of China, the largest foreign language debate league in the world, we are pleased to offer summer programmes in Beijing and Shanghai which will include students from both international schools and some of the best schools in China. Students will also have the opportunity to experience living in one of China’s most vibrant cities, while staying in world class hotel facilities.


    These camps will feature exceptional debaters from across the world coaching the students. Including: representative of our partner organisation the Harvard College Mentors for Urban debate; student debaters from Yale and UPenn; and other debate experts from around the world. Past coaches experience includes US National championships at high school and university level, and successes in international tournaments such as the World Universities Debating championships.


    These camps are designed to be accessible to students of all levels, whether they are entirely new to debating or a seasoned veteran. Students will be split into groups based on their ability for the main lectures, which will cover the essential skills of debate, and for the lab sessions, where the students and their debate partners will work with one of our coaches as part of a small group. Lab sessions consist of training exercises selected by the lab leader tailored to that group’s particular needs, as well as the opportunity to work on their cases and receive continuous feedback to help them improve.


    There will also be office hours where students can ask questions of, and get personalised feedback from one of the coaches. And elective courses that will cover the skills of debating in even greater depth, as well as a variety of topics vital to understanding the world as it is today.Students will also take part in practice debates against other students, allowing them t build their confidence and hone their skills through competition, and receive detailed and immediate feedback from coaches who will be judging those debates.

  • Overview

    The Association for Global Debate (AGD) is a team of passionate debaters, organizers, teachers, judges, and parents who support the growth of debating across different countries and regions. As a support network, AGD strives to connect high school debating events, leagues, and societies to resources and experts, both local and foreign. We provide free resources for tournament and debate team organizers who need academic, organizational, or financial assistance.

    Free Training Resources

    AGD and its network of experts have put together a set of high impact development tools to its debating members and affiliates. AGD is committed to improving the quality of debate tournaments everywhere by maintaining a high-quality database of online training and educational materials, such as research guides, manuals, and public domain publications. AGD's academic staff is happy to travel to your city once per year and conduct free in-person training sessions oriented towards prospective or beginner debaters.

    Free tournament tabulation systems and assistance

    AGD believes that any debate team or educator should be able to host a tournament without enduring a tidal wave of manual data entry. AGD’s team of expert tournament administration and organizers works to provide remote and in-person support for local organizers with the logistics, operation, and tabulation of their tournaments.

    Sponsorship for Growing Debating Communities

    The Association understands the constraints and challenges facing young debate organizations. The Association forms ties with key partners and sponsors in locations around the world and sources for them financial assistance to start sustainable, quality debating communities and lay the foundations for regional and national debating events.

    AGD supports and hosts a variety of international high school debate competitions each year across the world. AGD’s tournaments run using a variety of different formats, depending on the host location. The AGD and its affiliated tournaments all aspire to the highest standards of fairness, promptness, and professionalism.

    Policy Advocacy

    AGD is engaged in academic research on the impact that debating has on academic performance and career prospects. Through our studies and research, we advocate for changes to education policy that improve the status and resources available for extracurricular activities in general and debate in particular. Through these changes, we hope to improve the communities that our debaters, colleagues, and friends live in.

  • Why Debate?

    We believe that debate transforms students into self-confident, articulate, civically-engaged citizens. Debate tournaments empower students with academic freedom, a community of peers, and a platform to be heard. Students that enter the world of debate continue to receive benefits through the rest of their lives.


  • 2017 WINTeR INTeRNaTIoNal

    Stanford Invitational Speech & Debate Tournament

    2017 Feb 9th-14th

    Harvard National Invitational


    2017 Feb 16th-21st

  • Get Involved

    Depending on the format and type of tournament that you’re interested in running, we can advise you on which tabulation system to use, ranging from the simple and elegant, to powerful but more challenging software. Details are available here.

    Membership Applications

    Institutions that are currently hosting debating tournaments in the Asian region are welcome to join the AGD as member competitions. Members are entitled to a suite of support services from AGD that includes tabulation software, fly-in experts, and financial support for meritorious debating projects.


    Interested parties may fill out the Application Form below or send an e-mail to applications@agdebate.com with details about their event and can expect a response as soon as possible.


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    Workshop Requests

    AGD regularly sends debating experts to different parts of Asia in order to facilitate learning through free or subsidized workshops. Our team of debating experts have backgrounds in different debating formats, including Public Forum, Public Policy, British Parliamentary, and Austral-Asian style.


    Member schools that are interested in our training programs can send an e-mail to workshops@agdebate.com for evaluation and lecturer assignment.

  • Team

    A brief introduction to the team of debate and education experts that make up the AGD. 

    David Weeks

    Executive Board Member

    Gavin Newton-Tanzer

    Executive Board Member

    Tim Lewis

    Executive Board Member


    Lorand Laskai

    Executive Board Member

    Evan Streams

    Executive Board Member

    John Harper

    Executive Board Member

    Rebecca Kuang

    Executive Board Member

    Samuel Ward-Packard

    Academic Advisor

    Michelle Choi

    Academic Advisor

    Ben Sprung-Keyser

    Academic Advisor

    Daniel Tartakovsky

    Academic Advisor

    Stephanie Franklin

    Academic Advisor

    Jessica Levy

    Academic Advisor

    Shirley Kuang

    Academic Advisor